Hope Street Group works to connect, extend and guide a shared network of employers, educators, governments and publics that will train, educate and advance all Americans to economic opportunity

Theory of Change: Hope Street Group is connecting and extending networks of employers, educators, governments and publics that will train, educate, guide and hire all individuals, and in doing so we are strengthening economic opportunity for every American.


Through the work of our signature program, Sync Our Signals, which built local, regional and national networks in key industry sectors, we have learned how to better align the communication and collaboration – or signaling – between companies, education and workers on the skills and competencies needed for success in today’s job market.


This work has produced a blueprint for Skilling America, which is focused on increasing the impact of our learnings by organizing regions and advancing evidence-based practices. Skilling America seeks to professionalize and build new skills with workforce, education and HR professionals who serve as trusted agents to individuals in their communities and play a key role in guiding them to economic opportunity from education to employment.


Percent of working adults believe they will need more training or develop new skills during their career to keep up with changing skill demand


Percent of today's jobs require post secondary education and training


Percent of jobs will transform in the next decade

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