Hope Street Group is ensuring every American has a path to economic opportunity by strengthening our nation’s education and workforce systems. With that in mind, our programs focus in several key areas, including:


Hope Street Group’s Teacher Fellows Network demonstrates how education is and should be transformed in the 21st Century: by the practitioners. As Fellows, teachers across the country are strengthening and raising their professional voices in education policy, bringing their own classroom experience to conversations and collaborations with their peers, their elected officials, and with stakeholders at all levels.


Hope Street Group’s Workforce experience is focused on the healthcare, manufacturing and retail sectors, all of which represent some of the fastest-growing job sectors in the country. With growing opportunity for good-paying jobs and career advancement for American workers, our networks and experience across these sectors are focused on adopting competency-based approaches – including apprenticeships, competency certifications and other proven strategies – to transform hiring and career advancement practices.

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