As Hope Street Group’s Education programs grow and mature — operating in multiple states, and now at the local level, as well — our corps of solutions-oriented teachers expands. Many of the passionate, highly skilled educators we call Teacher Fellows wish to remain engaged in the work beyond the official terms of their Fellowship, and we share this goal for keeping up with our TFs.

The Teacher Fellow Alumni Network (TFAN), launched in 2017, offers educators thoughtful, formalized roles and projects that contribute to their ongoing leadership development and professional growth, enhances that of their peers — including current, alumni and future Teacher Fellows — and also lends informed wisdom to the design and implementation of Hope Street Group’s programming.


Read on for descriptions of our national and state-level TFAN roles.

Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) Member

Connecting all of Hope Street Group’s Education work by bringing state insights and Fellowship expertise to a national forum are alumni leaders representative of all established Teacher Fellows programs (Hawaii, Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee State Fellowships plus the flagship National Teacher Fellows program) serving a two-year term on HSG’s Teacher Advisory Council (TAC). Convened… the TAC embodies and illustrates HSG’s dedication to elevating action on teacher solutions, with trusted educators informing our programs and connecting change-makers in our nationwide Professional Learning Network (PLN).

Teacher Fellow Facilitator

Alumni leaders appointed to serve as TF Facilitators are educators experienced in developing and delivering professional learning for their peers. Applying those talents to the training of the Teacher Fellows in their states, TF Facilitators co-design sessions with HSG staff, and encourage TF competency development through face-to-face and virtual learning opportunities. Pairs of TF Facilitators work closely with the State Director and Design Team Members to coach TFs through the learning and implementation that leads to their success in the Fellowship and in other areas of practice. Rooted in their experience and evaluation data, TF Facilitators review and refine professional learning modules, contributing to a cycle of continuous improvement and ensuring alignment across HSG’s valued competencies, professional learning outcomes, and TF artifacts of impact.

State Design Team Member

Alumni leaders in Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennessee in the role of Design Team Member work closely with their state’s Director and alumni Teacher Fellow Facilitators to assist in the planning, preparation and execution of engagement opportunities for educators, including official HSG convenings and other professional learning events. Supporting current Teacher Fellows in meeting competency-based requirements of their program — including writing/publishing, building relationships, and gathering and sharing data — Design Team Members serve as peer coaches, logistical assistants and also Social Media Ambassadors, cheerleading the growth of teachers in their broad PLNs.

Social Media Ambassador

Our go-to corps of educators active in the Twitter-sphere, the wide world of Facebook and the professional social network LinkedIn, Social Media Ambassadors trumpet Hope Street Group initiatives and support current and other alumni Teacher Fellows wherever and whenever they connect with their ever-growing PLNs. Sharing research findings and Fellow-authored publications, Ambassadors will also lead strategic virtual communication that connects Fellowship successes and best practices among programs, elevating the work of all.

Focus Group Moderator

Broadening the reach of a teacher-led data collection and tapping into their previous peer research training, alumni Focus Group Moderators host small group discussions with educators on a range of topics within specific research windows, as needed in their states. Moderators may also serve as note-taker or participant in regions with current TFs, to demonstrate support and lend their voices to these conversations.

Application Reviewer

Serving alongside current TFs to score applicants to Hope Street Group’s Teacher Fellowship programs, trained Application Reviewers devote approximately three (3) hours each recruitment cycle and complete these tasks virtually, within our Fellowship application site.

The Arizona Teacher Fellowship operated in partnership with the AZ K12 Center from 2017-2018, engaging quality educators from across the state for developing competencies in building trust with peers and policymakers, plus gathering and sharing data.

Alumni cohorts of National Teacher Fellows (NTFs) engaged educators from multiple states for year-long Fellowships supporting personal policy projects.

After the 2015 NTFs’ national peer research on teacher preparation, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education (USED) and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), most fulfilled a second Fellowship year for localized implementation based on findings and recommendations. Read our impact reports and supporting materials:

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