Hope Street Group understands that meaningful teacher engagement is essential for successful education policy and practice reform. Our Teacher Fellows Program provides states and districts with the tools, data and infrastructure to foster teacher networks, formulate innovative ideas and directly solve education challenges. The program is currently operating in Arizona, Hawaii, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.


We believe that every student deserves a high-quality education that equips her or him with the tools to succeed in the global economy, and that every educator deserves to work in an environment that supports them professionally and creates ideal conditions for quality teaching and learning. Unfortunately, all too often, practitioners are the last (or never) asked about changes and reform efforts that will impact their careers, their classrooms, their students. Teachers can easily feel removed from decision-making, and from each other.


As conveners and facilitators, we train and support public educators to understand the stakeholders in education systems and to vet solutions to the pressing challenges in policy design and implementation. Focusing organized local- and state-level efforts on the relationship-building, data gathering and data sharing key to advancing good ideas, HSG’s Teacher Fellows Programs empower teachers to expand their Professional Learning Networks (PLNs) and voice their perspectives on timely issues. Teachers can easily feel removed from decision-making, and from each other.

Projects & Publications

Projects & Publications

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Teacher Fellowships

Our “Where”

Currently, State Teacher Fellowships operate in Arizona (in partnership with the AZ K12 Center), Hawai’I, Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah (in partnership with NNSTOY). The Hawaiian island of Kaua’i features our first Local Teacher Fellowship, run by alumni Teacher Fellows of the Hawai’i State program. These programs boast more than 150 teacher leaders who engage thousands of their peers each year to provide practitioner expertise in local and state decision-making. Learn more about each Fellows Program and our “Who” — the high-quality educators representing their schools and districts with Hope Street Group.

Previous cohorts of National Teacher Fellows (NTFs) engaged educators from multiple states for year-long Fellowships supporting personal policy projects. Meet HSG NTFs.

After the 2015 NTFs’ national peer research on teacher preparation, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Education (USED) and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE), most fulfilled a second Fellowship year for localized implementation based on findings and recommendations. Read our impact reports and supporting materials on Teacher Prep.

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