Manufacturing Career Pathways Network is a nationwide initiative designed to optimize the manufacturing jobs and workforce system by advancing demand-driven, competency-based career pathways. By taking a network-based approach, we are building a community of organizations critical to making necessary changes in the workforce system to strengthen new and incumbent manufacturing workers.


Hope Street Group cultivates and manages the network for the purposes of advancing opportunity in the manufacturing industry.


Despite stated commitments by many to support well-paying manufacturing jobs, a fundamental challenge persists – matching workers with those jobs and the career pathways they provide. As our Maker series highlights, industry experts predict that while manufacturing employers will need to fill nearly 3.5 million jobs by 2025, as many as 2 million [1] of those could go unfilled because of the inability to find skilled workers that match employers’ needs.



Through the MCPN, Hope Street Group is supporting models for demand-driven, competency-based career paths in manufacturing, which better respond to meeting the skills demanded in manufacturing jobs today, and ultimately provide more reliable career pathways for workers and foster diversity in the manufacturing workforce. Within the MCPN, network members are focused on demand-driven methodologies – meaning strategies and models that are responding to and meeting the skills demanded in manufacturing jobs today. These methodologies are focused on ensuring:


– Employers can clearly articulate competencies needed for in-demand positions;


– Educators and training providers can better align their curricula to meet those needs;


– Individuals know the skills they need to succeed in a manufacturing career.


With support from the Legacy Alcoa Foundation, Hope Street Group authored two highly regarded reports, Missing Makers: How to Rebuild America’s Manufacturing Workforce and Making Makers: Rebuilding the Manufacturing Workforce Through Competencies and Credentials. These reports:


– Documented the skills gap in manufacturing


– Framed the solution


– Identified best practices in use


– Chartered a typology of credentialing innovation


– Offered key recommendations for future action


Hope Street Group manages ongoing engagement with and among MCPN members, including hosting convenings of network members, webinars, regular communications via newsletter and email alerts, and other strategies to strengthen collaboration and share best practices for driving system change.



These one day career pathway events help regions develop specific career pathways, including apprenticeships, for their priority job families.

Regions are invited to bring a cross-functional team consisting of a lead employer, other employers, colleges, CTE centers, WIOA workforce agencies and other community partners, as determined by the lead employer.



These meetings are designed to facilitate and deepen connections between network members.
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