Before joining the Hope Street Group, Kip served as a Spanish teacher and teacher leader in Kentucky for 15 years.  His love for teaching, learning and reflection is one of the reasons he became a National Board Certified Teacher in 2013. Similarly, to deepen his understanding of Hispanic culture, he took a sabbatical in 2009 to teach in a small town in Guatemala and deepen his global competency skills.


He’s passionate about creating opportunities for educators to connect, collaborate, and lead – it’s why he served for two years as a Hope Street Group KY Teacher Fellow from 2013-2015.  He also led virtual communities for the Center for Teaching Quality from 2014-2015, sat on the Teacher Advisory Council for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation from 2014-2016 and supported the non-profits Sevenzo and Curio Learning while still in the classroom, where he most recently worked as a teacher hybrid for Jefferson County Public Schools.


Kip brings expertise in social media strategy and network mobilization to Hope Street Group.


Read his work —

Building Healthy Communities by Connecting Education and the Workforce


Senior Advisor, Networks

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