Goodwill Industries International and Hope Street Group, with support from Walmart Giving, have launched an evidence-based career navigation initiative called GoodPaths.


The initiative provides career navigators with the information, processes, and tools to help each participant take ownership of his/her career path and identify opportunities for future advancement. The training content is delivered via a web application that allows Career Navigators to track participants’ progress towards career advancement and communicate with other Career Navigators once their training is complete. The application also features backend structures designed to store all of the data related to a Career Navigator’s experience to make it fast and easy to use.


The initiative will:


– Train 70 Career Navigators using the GoodPaths Navigator Web Application


– Enable trained Career Navigators to serve at least 1,080 individuals in the communities of the three Goodwill ® organizations participating in the initial pilot.

Reports Featuring GoodPaths

GoodPaths Podcast

Wendi Copeland, Goodwill Industries International’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Advancement, and Martin Scaglione, President & CEO, Hope Street Group, were featured on Workforce 180’s, “Follow the Leader Series” to discuss GoodPaths, an evidence-based career navigation program.

The Need for GoodPaths: Why It Was Created

The GoodPaths initiative addresses talent development and retention challenges in retail. One challenge is how to cost-effectively provide the support employees need to prepare for advancement into hard-to-fill leadership roles within their organizations. Another challenge is how to reduce chronically high employee turnover, particularly with frontline retail staff.

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Evidence-Based Career Navigation

Workforce professionals familiar with career navigation strategies will recognize the four core steps the model guides participants through: Self-Awareness, Option Exploration, Decision Making, and Action Planning. These steps are bookended by Preparation and Follow-up phases. “Evidence-based” career navigation supplements this traditional model with data-based evidence.

``With the assessments and tools provided through the GoodPaths App, we will be able to help participants find jobs that are the best fit for them.``

– Jan Duff, Career Navigator, Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain


GoodPaths aims to address talent development and retention challenges in retail. One challenge is the need to cost-effectively provide the support employees require to prepare them to advance within their organizations into hard-to fill leadership roles. Another challenge is the need to reduce chronically high employee turnover, especially in frontline retail staff.


The initiative will first be tested by three Goodwill organizations: Palmetto Goodwill (Charleston, SC); Goodwill Industries of Houston (Houston, TX); and Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountains (Boise, ID). These sites represent urban, rural and suburban regions.


The GoodPaths online application provides career navigators with evidence-based training, resources and tracking tools to empower their clients to take full control of their career paths.

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