Goodwill Industries International and Hope Street Group, with support from Walmart Giving, launched an evidence-based career navigation initiative called GoodPaths.


The initiative provides career navigators with the information, processes, and tools to help each participant take ownership of his/her career path and identify opportunities for future advancement. The training content was originally delivered via a web application that allowed Career Navigators to track participants’ progress towards career advancement and communicate with other Career Navigators once their training is complete. The application also featured back-end structures designed to store all of the data related to a Career Navigator’s experience to make it fast and easy to use. Best practices from this application have been applied to our new learning initiative – Skilling America – which continues to train and certify Goodwill Career Navigators across the U.S.


The initiative will:


– Train 70 Career Navigators using the GoodPaths Navigator Web Application


– Enable trained Career Navigators to serve at least 1,080 individuals in the communities of the three Goodwill ® organizations participating in the initial pilot.

Reports Featuring GoodPaths

GoodPaths Podcast

Wendi Copeland, Goodwill Industries International’s Senior Vice President of Strategy and Advancement, and Martin Scaglione, President & CEO, Hope Street Group, were featured on Workforce 180’s, “Follow the Leader Series” to discuss GoodPaths, an evidence-based career navigation program.

The Need for GoodPaths: Why It Was Created

The GoodPaths initiative addresses talent development and retention challenges in retail. One challenge is how to cost-effectively provide the support employees need to prepare for advancement into hard-to-fill leadership roles within their organizations. Another challenge is how to reduce chronically high employee turnover, particularly with frontline retail staff.

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Evidence-Based Career Navigation

Workforce professionals familiar with career navigation strategies will recognize the four core steps the model guides participants through: Self-Awareness, Option Exploration, Decision Making, and Action Planning. These steps are bookended by Preparation and Follow-up phases. “Evidence-based” career navigation supplements this traditional model with data-based evidence.

``With the assessments and tools provided through the GoodPaths App, we will be able to help participants find jobs that are the best fit for them.``

– Jan Duff, Career Navigator, Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountain


GoodPaths aims to address talent development and retention challenges in retail. One challenge is the need to cost-effectively provide the support employees require to prepare them to advance within their organizations into hard-to fill leadership roles. Another challenge is the need to reduce chronically high employee turnover, especially in frontline retail staff.


The initiative was first tested by three Goodwill organizations: Palmetto Goodwill (Charleston, SC); Goodwill Industries of Houston (Houston, TX); and Easter Seals-Goodwill Northern Rocky Mountains (Boise, ID). These sites represent urban, rural and suburban regions.


The updated Skilling America online application provides career navigators with evidence-based training, resources and tracking tools to empower their clients to take full control of their career paths.

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