For years you have been a major player in health and healthcare, both from the consumer and provider side. How has witnessing health challenges in your own family and community affected how you approach innovation?


I don’t know about the major player part – but my own family’s health journey keeps me committed to the purpose behind that work that I do every day.  The healthcare industry is at a tipping point where it can really change for the better and I find it energizing to be able to play a small but active role in the industry’s transformation.


Expanding economic opportunity is central to Hope Street Group and you are doing that in your local community in numerous ways.  Why do you think providing the resources and mentorship to the next generation is so critical and what would you say to those who are looking for the inspiration to get involved?


Inspiration comes in many forms. I sometimes believe that people don’t get involved because they have a hard time believing that what they can individually contribute can really be impactful.  Of course, reality is that nothing could be further from the truth.  I have learned that one of the greatest gifts a person can give is their time!


In addition to your focus on health, you are also well versed in social media and technology. How do you see these forces influencing the ability of organizations work across sectors to make social impact?


I am particularly intrigued about how new communication tools and technologies can help create new ways to deliver healthcare.  Yet, to a large degree, the encounters we have with healthcare providers today don’t leverage new technologies.  I’m excited about the gains that will come when we apply many of the innovations from the tech industry in the healthcare setting.  For example, Jordan Shlain’s company, HealthLoop is a great showcase of of technology can be applied to the healthcare setting to deliver great value to patients, providers and payers alike.


You’ve been described as a “serial entrepreneur.” What do you think fostered that drive in you?


My enthusiasm for entrepreneurship stems from my interest in solving big problems. And I love the challenge of ‘creating’ solutions.  In fact, that is one of the elements I love about AVIA – a business that Ted Meisel and I started a few years ago. We are helping hospitals and health systems find solutions to the most pressing challenges facing healthcare today.



Co-Founder, Abundant Venture Partners

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