Brad has extensive expertise coaching practitioners to develop leadership competencies through competency-based curriculum grounded in adult learning theory. He strives to align policy and practice at the local, regional, state and national levels by implementing cohesive, network-based approaches to problems of practice. Brad supports community-based systems change through active participation in multiple education and workforce development nonprofit boards. He facilitates others to design quantitative and qualitative systems for measuring impact and improving engagement tracking processes, while also building relational trust among peers and policy makers that directly shapes local decision-making.


Prior to joining Hope Street Group, Brad was a 4th and 5th grade Humanities and Design Thinking teacher in Central Kentucky. He was a member of Hope Street Group’s first Kentucky Teacher Fellows cohort. Brad co-founded Idea Festival Lexington and the National Blogging Collaborative while in the classroom. His recent roles include State Director of the Kentucky Teacher Fellows Network and National Director of Professional Learning and Curriculum.


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11/15/18: From Preparation to Practice: Learning from the Fall Retail Opportunity Network Convening

3/2/18: Effective professional learning requires a focus on competencies, including transferring them into practice


Senior Advisor, Education and Workforce

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