Martin Scaglione

President & CEO

Courtney Haynes

Vice President, Operations and External Affairs

Dan Cruce

Vice President, Education

Michele Chang

Vice President, Programs and Services


Brian Bishop

National Director, State Teacher Fellows Program

Brad Clark

National Director, Professional Learning and Curriculum

Katharine Correll

Director, North Carolina Teacher Voice Network

Chelsey Crim

Project Manager, Workforce Team

Celia Gregory

National Manager, Education and Mobilization

Tabitha Grossman, PH.D.

National Director, Education Policy and Partnerships

Keilani Goggins

Director, Tennessee State Teacher Fellows Program

Christine Hubley

Project Director, Workforce Team

Ali Krantz

External Affairs Intern

Kelly Miyamura 

Director, Hawaii State Teacher Fellows Program

Tabitha Pacheco

Director, Utah Teacher Fellows Program

Emily Stover

Associate, Workforce Team

Stan Torzewski

Director, Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program

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