Hope Street Group works to connect, extend and guide a shared network of employers, educators, governments and publics that will train, educate and advance all Americans to economic opportunity

Theory of Change:  Hope Street Group is revolutionizing our country’s approach to education, training, hiring and career advancement, and in doing so we are strengthening economic opportunity for every American.


Through our work to build local, regional and national networks in key industry sectors, we are better aligning the communication and collaboration – or signaling – between companies, education and workers on the skills and competencies needed for success in today’s job market.


With a focus on competency-based strategies for skills development, education, training, hiring and advancement, our signature program, Sync Our Signals, is accelerating Blueprints for Change in industry sectors that make up approximately one-third of the nation’s workforce, thus offering significant economic opportunities for millions of Americans. Our unique programs provide the leadership training and tools to critical change agents across the country, enabling a sustainable and regional approach to solutions that impact education to employment.


Percent of colleges and universities that believe they prepare students for the workforce


Percent of college students who believe they are prepared for a job upon graduation


Percent of business leaders who believe students are prepared for a job upon graduation

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