Fall 2017 Utah Teacher Fellows Report

The Fall 2017 Utah Teacher Fellows Report includes survey results and recommendations to the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) from the Utah Teacher Fellows and thousands of their peers. Teachers shared their thoughts on Teacher Value and Effectiveness and Teacher Leadership. The USBE believes that teacher leadership roles will increase teacher retention and improve recruitment efforts. The USBE also values Utah educators and is committed to elevating the teaching profession. The following recommendations were presented to the USBE:


    • Increased emphasis should be placed on the Utah Effective Teaching Standards
      Areas highlighted by Utah teachers in the data collection align with other teaching standards such as the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ five core propositions and the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards.
    • The Utah State Board of Education (USBE) could consider collecting or examining additional sources of data to better understand teacher perceptions of value and school climate.
    • The USBE could consider developing a formal teacher leadership career pathway that incorporates suggestions from teachers.
    • A multifaceted approach toward improving teacher retention in the state is important to consider.
      Career advancement and teacher leadership opportunities could constitute some components of this model.


Read the full report, including recommendations to the Utah State Board of Education, here.

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