Fall 2017 Kentucky Teacher Fellows Report

The ​2018 Fall Kentucky Teacher Fellows Report​ includes survey results and recommendations to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) from the Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellows and 3606 of their peers through the online survey and another 972 participating in Focus Groups. Teachers shared various perceptions related to Instructional Programming, Student Support, and Employer Engagement. Key Teacher Perception Data Includes:
  • The most critical employability skills are verbal communication, problem solving and critical thinking
  • The most critical employability dispositions are assuming responsibility, taking initiative and dependability
  • Making connections between schools efforts and community goals is the most effective way to build school-business relationships
  • 95% of teachers believe they incorporate their students’ cultures into their instructional design
  • Teachers brought up the following scheduling conflict to students engagement in advanced coursework:
    • Lack of faculty
    • Rigidity of master schedule
    • Competition of advanced and elective coursework
    • Perception of low-achieving students prioritized over high-achieving students in Kentucky


See a graphical representation of the findings here, and read the full report here.

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