Minneapolis HCPN Project Profile

November 1, 2017

  – The Health Career Pathways Network is a nationwide program designed to strengthen the healthcare workforce by        taking a competency-based approach to sourcing, hiring and advancing talent.

  – Fairview Health Services has 22 years of experience advancing demand-driven career pathways in healthcare. In 2016, they became a founding member of the Health Career Pathways Network.

  – In September 2017, Hope Street Group convened a Medical Assistant Apprenticeship Workshop and Connectivity Event in Minneapolis, MN, hosted by Fairview Health Services and Rasmussen College to (1) help the region begin to build new apprenticeship programs and (2) discuss best practices for building a workforce that re ects the diverse populations healthcare providers serve.

  – Hope Street Group led a workshop that provided step-by- step guidance for identifying and specifying the components of demand-driven, competency-based career pathways and introduced best practices for implementing registered apprenticeship programs.

  – Hope Street Group also held a Connectivity Event focused on diversity in the healthcare workforce that featured Fairview Health Services’ work in the Cedar Riverside community.

– In April 2017, HSG facilitated a Career Navigation Workshop that provided step-by-step guidance for de ning and specifying the key components of demand-driven, competency-based career pathways.

– Atrium Health and Charlotte Works then worked with community partners to design a standard career portfolio for job candidates that harmonizes referral processes across the region.

– Atrium Health set the goal of hiring at least one candidate through this new process by the end of 2017. With the help of Charlotte Works, they succeeded in hiring four candidates, each referred by a different community partner, providing early evidence of the effectiveness of an aligned approach.

Minneapolis HCPN Project Profile

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