MCPN Connectivity Event Summary Report

November 1, 2017


The Manufacturing Career Pathways Network (MCPN) is a nationwide initiative designed to optimize the manufacturing jobs and workforce system. Built to more effectively and e f ciently serve the needs of leading employers, the network offers workshops and connectivity events aimed to advance demand-driven, competency-based career pathways in manufacturing.


In October 2017, Hope Street Group held a MCPN Connectivity Event
in St. Louis, Missouri, in conjunction with the National Career Pathways Network Conference. We invited key stakeholders in the manufacturing and workforce space to connect and share best practices with fellow employers, educators and workforce professionals who share a desire to build effective talent supply chains in manufacturing. The objectives of the event were:

– To strengthen the network of professionals working to improve the manufacturing workforce; and

–  To deepen the network’s knowledge base to effectively implement a competency-based approach to sourcing and hiring talent.

The following is a summary of the challenges and opportunities identi ed, as well as a framework for thinking through how to develop an evidence-based talent supply chain in each region.

Read the event summary here:

MCPN Connectivity Event Summary Report

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