2015 Fall Tennessee State Teacher Fellows Report

The 2015 Fall Tennessee State Teacher Fellows Report includes survey results and recommendations to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) from the Hope Street Group Tennessee State Teacher Fellows and thousands of their peers. It focuses on professional learning and teacher leadership, with results indicating that over half of the survey respondents aspire to a teacher leader role while remaining in the classroom. The report also highlights teacher input on preferences in professional learning frequency and format, differentiated pay, and how teacher leaders are selected. Protected planning time and professional support are also discussed.

The Tennessee Department of Education, the Tennessee Education Association and SCORE partnered with Hope Street Group in an effort to better engage teachers to ensure the Tennessee education system promotes professional learning and teacher leadership. The thirty Hope Street Group Tennessee State Teacher Fellows hail from twenty one districts across the state and, along with thousands of their teacher network peers, represent the high quality of professionals in Tennessee classrooms.

Watch the reflection of Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice Mcqueen and read these survey results and recommendations, click here.

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