An Evaluation of the Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program, Year Two

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

Launched in 2013, the Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program has the distinction of being Hope Street Group’s inaugural state fellowship program.

State Teacher Fellows (STFs) across the state have worked to provide feedback from thousands of their peers to the state’s Department of Education and drive impact on critical education policies, including the state’s Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (the state’s educator evaluation system) and Kentucky’s Core Academic Standards.

An in-depth, independent evaluation examined the impact of Hope Street Group’s second year of the Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program.

Findings from the evaluation include:

  • The strength and value of the Fellowship is found in the relationships that form between STFs and their peers.
  • There are teachers across the commonwealth who have the disposition, knowledge, and skills to lead from the classroom. Hope Street Group STFs are creating connective tissue between the teacher leaders of Kentucky.
  • STFs see themselves as teacher leaders with knowledge of state policy and look forward to expanding their sphere of influence on state policy next year.
  • The STFs create pathways between the teachers in their various networks and education policymakers in Frankfort.
  • STFs work with state partners to improve professional learning for teachers.

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Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program Evaluation, Year Two

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