Teachers Provide Positive Feedback On PGES, Leadership

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015


Kentucky teachers are positive overall about the new statewide evaluation system known as the Professional Growth and Effectiveness System (PGES) and the use of teachers in leadership roles in their schools, according to two reports from the Hope Street Group (HSG), a national nonprofit organization known for its teacher engagement work. The reports include survey results and recommendations to the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) from the Hope Street Group State Teacher Fellows and thousands of their peers.

“As with previous reports, KDE welcomes these findings and recommendations from the Hope Street Group,” said Education Commissioner Terry Holliday. “Teacher input is critical to all our school improvement and student learning initiatives throughout the Commonwealth. Kentucky has a long tradition of including teachers in every facet of our reform efforts. We not only listen to what they say, but also use their input to strengthen our schools and promote increased student achievement.”

The first Hope Street Group report focuses on the implementation of PGES, with results indicating that teachers are pleased overall with the implementation of the system and place a high value on peer observations and feedback. The report also highlights teacher input on ways to improve the system, including increasing professional learning opportunities and planning time and reducing paperwork, meetings and interruptions to classroom instruction time.

This is the second year the Hope Street Group has produced a report focused on PGES, which was fully implemented in all 173 school districts in the 2014-15 school year. Teacher feedback on PGES, leadership The second report examines teachers’ opinions on taking on leadership roles while they remain in the classroom. Teachers overwhelmingly support the idea of utilizing classroom teachers in leadership positions. Teachers also suggest that teacher leaders can and do play an important part in turning around struggling schools.

“The Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellowship Program continues to prove that teachers across the state are engaged in teacher networks and provide actionable feedback to our partners,” said Brian Bishop, the Kentucky director for the organization. “The goal is to support the development of the best public education system possible and focus on continuous improvement for teachers and students alike.”

The Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellows hail from 19 districts across the Commonwealth and, along with thousands of their teacher network peers, represent the high quality of professionals in Kentucky classrooms. The Kentucky Teacher Fellows are selected for their strong individual commitments to improving learning outcomes for children. The KDE, the Kentucky Education Association, the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence and the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce partnered with Hope Street Group in an effort to better engage teachers to ensure the Kentucky education system is student-focused and teacher-driven.

In the fall of 2015, the third cohort of Kentucky Teacher Fellows will continue the group’s work across Kentucky to increase teacher involvement and ensure teacher voices are heard in order to inform and impact policy decisions and transform the teaching profession.

For more information, contact Nancy Rodriguez at nancy.rodriguez@education.ky.gov or (502) 564-2000, ext. 4610.

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