Working with STEMconnector and Others to Advance a Jobs-Driven Economy

Working with STEMconnector and Others to Advance a Jobs-Driven Economy

screen_shot_2015-02-18_at_9.58.22_amIn this new era of rapid technological advancement and a swiftly changing jobs landscape, it is more important than ever that we work together to ensure that members of our budding workforce (along with those seeking to grow or change their careers) are educated and trained in the most effective and aligned ways possible. STEMconnector, a member of Hope Street Group’s network, has been an outstanding advocate for broadening and improving STEM education in the U.S., and Hope Street Group was proud to work with them on their newest endeavor, a book released today called Advancing a Jobs-Driven Economy: A Call to Action.

The book is a collection of insights and reflections from a number of national leaders, and we were thrilled to have an article from our own President and CEO, Martin Scaglione, included. Martin’s piece, “Connecting to Rebuild America’s Workforce,” and the 61 others in the book look at innovative ways to encourage employer-driven partnerships focused on STEM and workforce development. Using our Missing Makers report to inform and illustrate the current gap between job seeker skills and employer needs in the manufacturing sector, Martin stresses that “to advance a jobs-driven economy, we need to do a much better job of working together across sectors” and continues on to say that:

“Hope Street Group’s overarching goal is the creation of a jobs marketplace in which all entities are working together productively, in which competencies are validated, and in which job seekers can feel aware of and empowered by the skills they have, as well as confident that they can acquire the skills they need to advance in their preferred career path. This is essential across industries, but especially in STEM fields, where so often a lack of training and preparation has resulted in a dearth of qualified candidates. While innovation and enhanced technology are important, so is making sure that new information and opportunities are communicated to all stakeholders involved in education to career pathways.”

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