The Most Troubling Myths About Gifted Kids—Debunked

The Most Troubling Myths About Gifted Kids—Debunked

Teaching gifted students presents unique challenges and amazing rewards. Twelve years ago, when I was approached about teaching gifted students and creating classes that were to be dubbed as “highly capable” classes, my first thought was, “These are really bright kids. How hard can it be?”

I was also naive enough to think that these kids were achieving high scores in their classes, there would be very little behavior issues. A major misconception around gifted students is that they are hardworking and motivated in classes. Teachers often confuse hardworking, high-achieving students with gifted students.

For me, the reality quickly set in. These students didn’t need more of the same thing they were getting every day in regular classes. They were looking to be challenged and given an education that matched their minds. They wanted a chance to have conversations with others that would also test their thinking.

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