Op-Ed: This Is What’s Wrong With Teacher Evaluations

Op-Ed: This Is What’s Wrong With Teacher Evaluations

As I write this article, debates and arguments surrounding teacher evaluations rage from coast to coast. While the introduction of a new teacher evaluation in Georgia hasn’t garnered the same amount of attention as New York or Los Angeles, it’s equally important.

Professional teacher organizations had some input in the early development phases of the newest teacher evaluation, but Georgia does not allow collective bargaining for teachers. Therefore, the state can implement a new teacher evaluation without much discussion. Because of this, I find myself in my seventh year of teaching and third teacher evaluation system.

If I had more of a say, here is what I’d like to see from an evaluation system. First, teachers should be made fully aware of the standards and expectations we need to meet. Second, we must receive clarity around specific evaluation measures. And third, we need to receive feedback that will help us improve our teaching…

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