I’m not fat!!…oh wait…maybe I am

I’m not fat!!…oh wait…maybe I am

It is easy to think that poor nutrition and lack of exercise are everyone else’s problem but the truth of the matter is that 68% of American adults are overweight and obese.

This means I’m probably overweight or obese.

Instead of having me weigh myself and post the results here– I think it would better serve us to have a true discourse about what we can do in our own lives to eat well and live an active life.

I understand there is a role for government…or not http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQMJJAaY-3g

But as I was saying to my husband yesterday…if as a health care provider, I can’t manage to create a healthy lifestyle knowing the medical benefits– then how can I expect those who are more disconnected with the downstream consequences to get off the couch?

Reasonable diet?– I’m lucky, my food allergies keep me from eating deep fried cheese and pizza– check.

Exercise routine? When I am not full tilt at work I practice Bikram yoga 3-5 days a week–check. (If you had asked two months ago this would have been a different story.)

What specific and tangible suggestions do you have for people who are honestly looking to change their life so that they are in “smaller” company?

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