Hope Street Group Announces New Investment in its National Education Reform Project

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Hope Street Group’s innovative approach to coalition building around national education reform has earned the nonprofit a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The support will allow Hope Street Group to build an expanded national coalition in support of its broad-based education agenda: Closing the Gap – Making our Children and our Country More Competitive. The agenda was developed by a bipartisan group of volunteer policy leaders, and is incorporated into the group’s American Dream Agenda.

“Hope Street Group is ideally suited to play this role because we represent no interest group, only the greater good,” said executive director Monique Nadeau, a former Wall Street investment banker who has led Hope Street since 2007.  “We also view this issue in the context of our global competitiveness, which makes it easier for business and political leaders to see the return on investment in making these changes.”

The education agenda centers on a three-pronged approach that would: establish targets through state standards and assessments based on real world demands; build the talent pool by transforming teaching into an iconic profession; and create useful tools that support high-quality instruction by investing in 21st Century data systems.

Hope Street Group is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization dedicated to building an Opportunity Economy in America, where anyone who works hard and invests in themselves has the opportunity to succeed, and where our nation prospers as a result.

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