In 2003, on South Hope Street in Los Angeles, CA, a group of young entrepreneurs, business, and technology professionals concerned with individual and national economic opportunity in the U.S. formed Hope Street Group. This group believed that by infusing diverse understanding and expertise into economic challenges, we could dramatically improve access to opportunity. Since our founding, we have worked diligently to apply this model and incorporate the application of innovation and technology to the education, health, and jobs sectors.

Why Education, Health, and Jobs?

Because they are essential to economic opportunity. Yet, we are significantly underperforming compared with other countries in all three areas.

Each is a complex and fragmented system involving multiple entities which has led to disjointed solutions and information channels, and outdated methods of addressing our country’s current demands. We often end up stuck with debates on what is not working, with less attention paid to what could work or is working, and how to accelerate successful efforts.

Recent and helpful studies for more context on this issue can be found by exploring the American Human Development Index and the Assets and Opportunity Scorecard.

The Shared Path to Success

Hope Street Group believes that the most effective solutions to complex, social programs are market driven. We create and manage blueprints for social change by aligning market forces through our network of practitioners, entrepreneurs, tech innovators and more.

Here’s how we work:

  • Identify: We begin with a comprehensive view of the problems, the benefits to addressing them, and the leverage points that would have the most effect—all grounded in economic analysis.
  • Ideate: We bring unique perspectives, practitioner voices, and expertise from across sectors and political parties to the table to develop a shared vision, new ideas, and insights to ideas that are working.
  • Activate: We utilize network and influence to transition ideas into action, aligning efforts of many organizations and programs to accelerate impact.
  • Test: We remain focused on a clear understanding of the problem and leverage points, testing ideas directly in practice, and tweaking approaches as necessary.
  • Scale: We work to leverage the right channels and technology to expand on successful practices.

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