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Hear what our members have to say about Hope Street Group’s purpose, vision, and impact.

“Much like Hope Street Group, we find it critical that policymakers engage with practitioners when shaping policies that impact the work we do…NNSTOY is proud to list Hope Street Group as a partner; together, we will make a difference for educators and their students.”

For further insights, please see our network member interview with Katherine Bassett.

— Katherine Bassett
CEO, National Network of State Teachers of the Year (NNSTOY)

“I am pleased to endorse these common sense principles that can serve as a foundation for health reforms that ensure all Americans enjoy affordable, high-quality health coverage; control overall health care costs; and establish a platform for long-term economic growth. While we will continue to debate the fine points, achieving our larger goals—as espoused by these principles—is critical for American families and the American economy.”

— John Podesta
Chairman, Center for American Progress

“We want to work with great organizations like Hope Street Group that have a collaborative focus and are providing real return-on-investment to impact policy, practice, and strategies. The future of our country depends on real impact.”

For further insights, please see our network member interview with Jamai Blivin.

— Jamai Blivin
Founder and CEO, Innovate+Educate

“How many organizations are 5 years old, spend a little less than 2 million with their budget, and get major pieces of legislations signed into law? I would say that is a pretty good return on your investment and the return on investment of what Hope Street Group makes.”

— Ken Mehlman
Managing Director for Global Public Affairs, Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts & Co.

“Even though we all want our kids to be healthier, aligning efforts and resources can be tricky…Coordinated initiatives across sectors need to target the many pieces of this complex, multifaceted puzzle. There isn’t one isolated reason for the childhood obesity epidemic, and there certainly isn’t only one specific approach to reverse it.”

For further insights, please see our network member interview with Lori Benson.

— Lori Benson
VP, Healthy Lifestyles, YMCA of Greater New York

“Hope Street Group has a phenomenal ability to be a catalyst for the ecosystem. There is so much fragmentation around the stakeholders working to improve education systems, economic opportunity, and health in the U.S. and beyond. Hope Street Group manages to gather many of the leaders of change and gives them a forum to collaborate and share best practices. This was my experience of the Hope Street Group Colloquium, but it has also been my experience of how Hope Street Group is leveraging digital technologies. I can see them becoming a social innovation hub for the ecosystem. In my opinion, it has never been so important for an organization to connect the dots of innovation and Hope Street Group is doing exactly that.”

— Lucian Tarnowski
Founder & CEO, BraveNewTalent

“Teacher voice correlates to an increase in teacher buy-in and participation. It is the difference between having a compliant teacher who simply goes through the motions, and a committed one who embraces new processes or systems.”

For further insights, please see our network member interview with Nadja Young.

— Nadja Young
Education Specialist, SAS State and Local Government Practice

“Hope Street has provided us with the opportunity to engage in a space where we can advance population health with the insight across sectors. This allows us to further our efforts for policy, systems, and environmental change to advance public health in Chicago. Hope Street is valuable as a convener because it energizes innovative collaborations that are actionable.”

— Jay Bhatt, DO
Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Chicago Department of Public Health

“Hope Street Group continues to work on innovations in education, of which I am very pleased to be a part of. I urge all to understand that to compete in a highly competitive global economy, we need our children to have strong basic skills in math and problem-solving and science, so that they can develop the skills the economy currently needs—skills that aren’t necessarily gained in college.”

For further insights, please see our network member interview with Darlene Miller

— Darlene Miller
President and CEO, Permac Industries

“Hope Street Group’s approach of convening leaders with diverse expertise is an essential ingredient for meaningful progress.”

For further insights, please see our network member interview with Adam Rockefeller Growald.

—Adam Rockefeller Growald
Found and CEO, Anna
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