Each of our reports features a diverse set of expert contributors, including practitioners and policymakers from a wide variety of industries and political beliefs, and is expertly honed by Hope Street Group staff.

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2015 Fall North Carolina Teacher Voice Report

The inaugural Hope Street Group North Carolina Teacher Voice Network report focuses on several topics related to Educator Effectiveness including…

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An Evaluation of the Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program, Year Two

                    Launched in 2013, the Kentucky State Teacher Fellows Program has…

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An Evaluation of the Hawaii State Teacher Fellows Program, Year One

The Hawaii State Teacher Fellows Program launched in 2014 with outstanding educators from across the state‚Äôs islands. State Teacher Fellows…

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Leaders of Change: An Overview of Hope Street Group’s 2014 National Teacher Fellow Policy Projects

The Hope Street Group National Teacher Fellows program is implemented to address multiple areas of upmost importance for classroom success,…

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Colloquium 2015 Takeaways and Blueprints

On May 5, 2015, Hope Street Group convened nearly 100 thought leaders and expert practitioners from across the country to…

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Spring 2015 STF Report on Teacher Leadership and Teacher Hybrid Roles

This report outlines the work led by Hope Street Group’s 22 Kentucky State Teacher Fellows in the Spring semester of…

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Fall 2014 STF Report on PGES Implementation and Teacher Time Utilization

This report outlines the work of the second year of the Kentucky State Teacher Fellows program and the 22 Fellows…

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Moving Towards a Healthy Chicago: Synthesis and Recommendations

On March 19, 2015, the Chicago Department of Public Health, Hope Street Group and Matter convened an expert group of…

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North Carolina Launches Statewide Partnership with Hope Street Group

NC TEACHER VOICE NETWORK TO CONNECT NC TEACHERS TO EDUCATION POLICY The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI), together…

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Missing Makers: How to Rebuild America’s Manufacturing Workforce

View an interactive edition of our report online at ISSUU. Overview Hope Street Group is pleased to share its latest…

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