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The Health Career Pathways Network (HCPN) works to advance competency-based career pathways in the healthcare sector. Following Hope Street Group’s launch of the seven regional Health Career Pathways pilots with the White House in 2016, HCPN was created to implement a network-based, workshop approach to meet the demands from employers and their regional partners to support their efforts to identify solutions to critical workforce issues in the healthcare industry.

HCPN members work together to leverage their resources to advance the mission and objectives of Health Career Pathways to increase economic opportunity for individuals, local communities, and the employers and educators that serve them.


In March 2016, Hope Street Group convened healthcare systems and leaders from the learning and workforce community at the White House to identify solutions to critical workforce issues in the healthcare industry. In April 2016, we launched Health Career Pathways, a nationwide initiative designed to support individuals by advancing demand-driven, competency-based career pathways, with seven founding regions.


The HCPN works to reduce job vacancies, increase diversity, decrease first-year turnover and increase the advancement of entry-level employees to middle-skill jobs and beyond by increasing the quality of hired employees for healthcare providers by adopting a competency-based approach. The outcome of this work will also improve the overall quality of patient care provided by healthcare providers.


We must use demand-driven methodologies to ensure:

  • Individuals have access to long-term economic security through careers in healthcare;
  • Individuals know the skills they need to succeed in a healthcare career and are placed in best-fit positions based on their competencies;
  • Employers are enabled to articulate the skillset needed for entry and middle skill positions; and
  • Intermediaries and training providers know the skills valued by employers and are able to better align their resources to meet those needs.

THE HOW: The Network Based Approach

Based on discussions over the initial phase of the initiative with the seven founding regions, Hope Street Group launched the network-based, workshop model called the Health Career Pathways Network to more effectively and efficiently serve the needs of lead employers. Network members will benefit by working with other like-minded individuals to advance demand-driven, competency-based career pathways. Collectively, by participating in the network:

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Employers will have robust talent supply chains that provide highly qualified workers to meet their business needs;

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Educators and workforce partners will have improved academic and employment outcomes; and

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Individuals will have clear pathways to jobs that optimize the use of their skills and maximize rewards.


  • Hope Street Group partner Advisory Board released their Task Force Report Paving Health Career Pathways to the Middle Class. Read the report here.
  • Hope Street Group sat down with Laura Beeth, System Director of Talent Acquisition at Fairview Health Services, and HCPN Founding Member to discuss their involvement in this project. Read the interview here.
  • Alefiyah Mesiwala and Ryan Burke write for the White House blog about the launch of Health Career Pathways and Hope Street Group’s efforts to build ladders to the middle class. Read the blog here.


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