The Issue We're Addressing

In today’s job marketplace, we find unemployment, underemployment and wage stagnation hindering success for millions of families while employers struggle to fill good paying jobs.

The problem?

The Jobs marketplace is suffering from poor signaling leading to a skills mismatch. Employers are often unaware of or unclear in their identification of the competencies needed to best support their work. Conversely, candidates and incumbent workers are left without the ability to effectively or credibly communicate their skill sets to employers.

The job marketplace is thereby disconnected—a problem that is reducing productivity, under-utilizing our national talent potential, and negatively impacting broad economic prosperity and well-being across the country.

How We're Tackling It

To strengthen the Jobs marketplace, it must be re-engineered by:

  1. Helping employers identify and hire for competencies to more efficiently invest in their skilled workforce
  2. Communicating to educators what those competencies are and how to supply them to individuals

As the backbone organization of this initiative, Hope Street Group will leverage collective impact, employer leadership, and a commitment to validation and measurement in order to construct ideas and translate them into viable and sustainable action.

Employer-led sector-based collaboratives and regional pilots will integrate best practices to identify the current and future needs in the job market and ultimately build a shared operating system that strengthens links between employers, educators and individuals. These initiatives are led by a consortia of over forty market leaders representing varied interest in the Jobs market.

Click to learn more about our Health Career Pathways initiative, in partnership with the White House and the Advisory Board, the larger Sync Our Signals initiative, our Retail Opportunity Network and our Makers Series. For more information on our past work and its impact, please see our Previous Jobs Projects.

The Impact We're Seeing

We’re already seeing this effort manifest in an improved jobs marketplace. We’re working to ensure that:

  • Individuals know their skills and can articulate and use them to get the jobs they are interested in
  • Employers know what they need and hire and train effectively based on those needs
  • Educators understand, train and effectively prepare individuals for the current and future demands of employers

Using data driven evidence, new implementations with stakeholders across the jobs marketplace will be initiated with the aim to elevate the best practices and solutions for the purpose of system optimization and maximizing prosperity for employers, employees and job-seekers alike.

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