Previous Projects

Tipping the Scales: Engaging Community Stakeholders to Build a Culture of Health

Working with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Hope Street Group convened a core group of diverse stakeholders (including employers, government and school officials, and representatives from faith institutions, universities, nonprofits, and the media) to consider how to build and sustain a culture of health focused on prevention, in an effort to tip the scales on our nation’s health crisis. The resulting report provided a landscape analysis of potential roles, limitations, and motivations for each stakeholder interested in participating in health promotion efforts, and also provided principles and recommendations for these stakeholders to consider when stimulating action.

Healthy Eating Pilot Program

Partnering with Grow Your Family Strong, we executed a month-long healthy eating pilot program with 60 Washington, DC area families in late 2013. Results showed that the majority of participants experienced a significant increase in their consumption of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while following the program.

Using Open Innovation to Reinvent Primary Care

This innovative, web-based project engaged health professionals in over 30 states, along with more than 60 advisors, to create a conceptual framework to generate policy resources for improving primary care and increasing consumer engagement.

The white paper produced as a result of the project was later widely disseminated to the Administration, policymakers, and practitioners, many of whom used the recommendations in their daily practices.

Bipartisan Health Working Group

Hope Street Group convened a series of diverse stakeholders over the course of 18 months to uncover areas of shared agreement and publish recommendations to reduce healthcare costs through preventive and primary care interventions.

Participants included luminaries such as Senators Bob Bennett and Ron Wyden, Representative Jim Cooper, AARP, representatives of the insurers, the for-profit, non-profit, and Catholic Hospitals, the AMA, and others, with interlocutors from the White House and Senate Finance Committee.

The outcome was an open letter to President Obama, signed by more than 15 national health and policy leaders, advocating for eight principles of reform.

Health Salons

Collaborated on preventive care and management of care solutions for specific high-risk populations, convening with pioneers in the field on how to replicate and scale successful intervention points.

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