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Teacher Evaluation Playbook

Our Teacher Evaluation Playbook, designed in 2012 to help the education community implement key reforms and practices, has been used by various states as an online resource to help implement reforms.

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Using Open Innovation to Improve Teacher Evaluation

Using a collaborative web platform that Hope Street Group developed, Hope Street Group recruited a diverse policy team of educators and professionals from the private and civic sectors and across 17 states. This virtual platform allowed us to connect busy practitioners from across the country to a library of resources, to national experts, and to each other, through a tool that gave them a unique platform for engaging in education policy, with far-reaching implications.

Working from the premise that teacher evaluations are a meaningful part of ensuring that educators have valuable support and that all students have access to a high-quality education, Hope Street Group’s policy team developed a series recommendations and principles for teacher evaluations in 2009. These recommendations set the foundation for our work in teacher evaluation, which has now expanded and been tailored to be specific and in direct response to a state’s actual needs and environment.

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