The Issue We’re Addressing

Our current public education system is oriented toward a one-size-fits-all approach that leads to increasing achievement gaps amongst our students.

Educator talent is key to solving this problem and to ensuring a successful future for our nation, yet numerous barriers also exist to attracting and retaining great educators.

At Hope Street Group, we believe that every student deserves a high-quality education that equips her or him with the tools to succeed in the global economy, and that every educator deserves to work in an environment that supports them professionally and creates ideal conditions for quality teaching and learning.

How We're Tackling It

Hope Street Group recognizes the complexity behind seemingly simple solutions. By focusing on the policies that govern public education and how educators inform and interact with them, Hope Street Group believes it can significantly change the process of developing both federal and state education policy for the better.

Our education initiatives are aligned to this belief and born out of our organized efforts to better understand the current education environment and to determine the biggest challenges educators and students face.

Currently, the education program is using the Hope Street Group model to test and scale potential solutions through two major initiatives:

Informing federal and state policy through our Teacher Fellows Programs: We rigorously select, train, and empower educators to mobilize their peers and work alongside policymakers informing critical education policy, identify potential solutions to the most pressing public policy issues in education, and help policymakers identify areas in which policy action can impact students—all with the intention of improving outcomes for children and working conditions for educators. Hope Street Group believes that educator input in policymaking that impacts teachers and students is one large-scale way to begin to build a public education system that works better for everyone. Now the Hope Street Group Teacher Fellow Programs are uniquely positioned to create pathways for cross state collaboration among teachers.

We are also working to transform professional learning for educators through our involvement with national leaders and organizations. This need surfaced from our national and local convenings with education leaders from across the country, including our Teacher Fellows. Specifically, our networks highlighted the need to examine the extent to which the professional development/learning teachers receive is of high quality and sufficient to meet their needs as instructional leaders in their classrooms. With a rapidly changing  landscape of teaching and learning, we must ensure our teachers are prepared and supported by research-based, educator-informed, differentiated resources enabled by federal, state, and local policy.

The Impact We’re Seeing

Our work has significantly impacted education policy and teacher practice.

Through Hope Street Group’s education initiatives, we offer an opportunity for policymakers and educators to work together to significantly improve the way public education operates at the national, state, and local levels. Policymakers benefit from the solutions educators provide them, educators benefit from helping to fashion and shape policy solutions to the challenges they experience in their school communities, and we all benefit from a public education system that meets the needs of both children and educators.

We have seen that by creating structured programs and leveraging the model of the Teacher Fellow Programs through cross-learning and communications, we can streamline challenges and scale solutions between various education stakeholders.

In addition, our network provides access to individuals who offer unique, new, and on-the-ground perspectives that could potentially become viable solutions to public policy problems. Hope Street Group offers a safe place to test those solutions and to pilot new ideas.

For more information on our past work and its impact, please see our Previous Education Projects.

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