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They say there is strength in numbers, and we need your help to realize an America in which economic opportunity for all is not just an ambition, but a tangible reality. We value the diverse experiences and perceptions of our network, and ask that you please share your input on how to enhance access to economic opportunity through collaboration and informed dialogue.

At Hope Street Group, we offer numerous opportunities for online engagement and learning, and regularly share news and updates on:


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We host several events each year, from publication release events to networking salons to town hall meetings, all of which bring together outstanding thinkers and doers from around the nation. Additionally, we host receptions and dialogues, often with partner organizations, to identify and ideate across our program areas. It is through these dynamic meetings that meaningful connections are made and opportunities to accelerate solutions arise. 

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If you are interested to learn more and eager to attend an in-person event with us, please email us at to receive information on the next event closest to you.



Help us accelerate the best solutions for increased economic opportunity–for individuals and for our nation.

Hope Street Group has built a dynamic network and is working across a proven change model–guaranteeing that we maximize impact and investments by focusing on what works. In order for us to continue our progress and accelerate solutions, we kindly ask that you consider making a donation to us, small or large, which will serve as a meaningful investment in the future of our nation.


All contributions to Hope Street Group are tax deductible and are made via a secure server, to ensure that your credit card information remains safe.

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