Working with STEMconnector and Others to Advance a Jobs-Driven Economy

By Maureena Thompson

In this new era of rapid technological advancement and a swiftly changing jobs landscape, it is more important than ever…

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Students First in the Age of Accountability: What Teachers Can Learn from Dean Smith

By Allison Hunt

The death of former basketball coach Dean Smith has lessons for us as teachers. A common theme has emerged in…

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#CrossSectorLearning: Working to Live vs. Living to Work

By Chimdi Ihezie

To kick off 2015, Hope Street Group hosted a Twitter chat using the hashtag#CrossSectorLearning and invited members of our network…

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Career Pathways in Education … A One-lane Dirt Road

By Brian Bishop

Careers are a funny thing. My grandfather once told me that if you find the thing you love to do…

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What I Am: A Teacher

By Jonathan Gillentine

Today is my sixtieth birthday. In Chinese tradition, I am told, a person reaching this age begins life anew, starting…

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Inspiring the Teachers of Tomorrow

By Michelle Fujie

One of my most profound written assignments happened when I was in elementary school. I remember it because it happened…

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Making a Grande Difference in Education

By Lea Ann Atherton

Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, once said that in order for the company to be successful, customers were going to…

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Common Core: A Necessary, But Insufficient, Change In Education Standards

By Justin Brown

When I first started teaching in 2009, I was surprised by something that was missing from my classroom: We did…

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Keeping Young Teachers in the Classroom

By Leslie Toy

I teach 8th grade and I am 24. When I started in the classroom two years ago, I was not…

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Geography is NOT Destiny: Charter Schools and Choice

By Brandy Price

Elana’s mom drives past four different schools to get to ours. “It’s a lot of driving,” she says, “but Elana…

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